I am Professor of Economics at GREThA - University of Bordeaux (France) and a long-standing affiliate of ICRIOS, Bocconi University (Milan, Italy). I sit in the scientific committees of EPIP, Research Policy, Industrial &†Corporate Change, and the Revue d'…conomie Industrielle.  
My main research interests relate to knowledge creation and diffusion. More or less recent past activities concern innovation adoption, the geography of knowledge flows, as well as the role on Intellectual Property in academic science and the economics of academic science itself. In particular, a project dedicated to Academic Patenting in Europe was supported by the European Science Foundation (ESF; data on ESF-APE-INV). On the same topic, see also the KEINS database, which covers academic patenting in several countries (data and info available here).
More recently, my interests have turned towards Migration and Innovation. I recently run projects supported by the Regional Council of Aquitaine and the IDEX programme of the University of Bordeaux. RIght now, I collaborate to the TKC project run by my colleague Ernest Miguelez, which includes a workshop series on Migration, Globalization and the Knowledge Economy. With colleagues from other universities we are also promoting †a Special Issue of Research Policy on this highly sensitive topic. 
I commute between Bordeaux and Milan, and I keep bicycles in both locations. Cycling is the fastest and cleanest way to move around the city, and deserves support. It is also a great outdoor activity. Foreign colleagues who love cycling and need advice during their stay in Milan or Bordeaux can take a look at my cycling tips and/or contact me at any time of the year. If you happen to be in Melbourne and looking for a bike, consider buying the one I have recently left behind (link).