Ongoing Drafts 
1. Migration and Innovation Diffusion: An Eclectic Survey - Cahier du GREThA 2016-11, Université de Bordeaux (  
2. Double Disclosures and the Negotiation of Scientific Credit in Research Teams"  – presented at the 10th Annual Conference of the EPIP Association, Glascow,  September 2015 - L.Cassi, F.Montobbio & L.Zirulia 
3. Foreign inventors in the US: Testing for diaspora and brain gain effects  – Cahier du GREThA 2015-25, Université de Bordeaux ( - with S.Breschi & E.Miguelez  
4. Inventor Data for Research on Migration & Innovation: The Ethnic-Inv Pilot Database", in: Fink C., Miguelez E. (eds), The International Mobility of Talent and Innovation: New Evidence and Policy Implications, Cambridge Univ. Press – forthcoming 2016 - (wp version:  - with S.Breschi and G.Tarasconi 
Recent publications 
1.      The economics of research, consulting, and teaching quality: Theory and evidence from a technical university — Economics of Innovation & New Technology, forthcoming 2016 (wp version:  - with S.Bianchini,  M.Pezzoni, and L.Zirulia  
2.       “Guest Authors or Ghost Inventors? Inventorship and Authorship Attribution in Academic Science”, Evaluation Review 39/1, 2015, pp.19-45 — with F.Montobbio (  
3.      "The ownership of academic patents and their impact. Evidence from five European countries", Revue économique 66/1, 2015, pp. 95-123 — with F.Montobbio (wp version:
4.      “Patents, Innovation and Economic Geography”, WIPO Journal 6/1, 2014, pp. 37-49 (wp version:, with E.Miguelez 
5.       “How To Kill Inventors: Testing The Massacrator© Algorithm For Inventor Disambiguation”, Scientometrics 101/1, 2014, pp. 477-504 - with M.Pezzoni and G.Tarasconi (wp version:  
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