(i) nice climbs north of Milan 
  • Escape routes from Milan, to avoid as much traffic as possible (click to enlarge): (1) towards Monza (park of), (2) towards Oreno-Usmate 
  • [you can also take the train to Lecco and bring the bycicle with you, it costs only €3.50 extra] 
  • Useful patches (click when open to enlarge): (1) from Monza (park of) to Castello Brianza and Oggiono (up and down through Monticello), (2) from Oggiono to Onno,(3) from Oggiono to Lecco, (4) from Oreno to Usmate      
  • Passo del Ghisallo: up (from Bellagio), down (to Onno) (how to reach Bellagio: from Milan, from Lecco) 
  • Colle Brianza & Monte Barro: from Castello Brianza (up to Colle B. --> to Galbiate --> up again) 
  • Monte Cornizzolo: map from Lecco (via Pusiano) & profile (from Pusiano) 
  • Morterone: map (from Lecco) & profile (from Ballabio) 
  • Montevecchia: map (from Usmate) and profile (from Quattro Strade) 
  • Piani del Tivano: openrunner map   (with altimetry) from Onno to Nesso (via Bellagio) and back to Onno (via Valbrona) 
  • Alpe Giumello: openrunner map (with altimetry) from Valmadrera (LC) 
  • Passo Agueglio (Varenna-Esino Lario-Valsassina): openrunner map (with altimetry) from/to Valmadrera (LC) 
  • Valcava - Valle Imagna: openrunner map (with altimetry) from/to Valmadrera (LC) 
  • Lecco-Bergamo via Culmine di S.Pietro & Val Taleggio: openrunner map (with altimetry)  
  • Val Cavargna-Val Vrenno-Val d'Intelvi (from/to Laglio): openrunner map (with altimetry)  
    (ii) more rides/climbs around Milano 
  • Tre Navigli (Milano-Abbiategrasso-Bereguardo-Pavia-Milano), openrunner map (all flat) 
  • Broni-Castana-Pometo-Montalto-Broni (Oltrepo Pavese ring 1), openrunner map (with altimetry)  
  • Broni-Montú Beccaria-Pometo-Montalto-Broni (Oltrepo Pavese ring 2), openrunner map (with altimetry)  
  • Monte Penice (da/per Godiasco), openrunner map (with altimetry)  
  • Arona-Mottarone-Orta-Novara (Mamma tour 1), openrunner map (with altimetry)  
  • Arona-Colma di Arola-Novara (Mamma tour 2), openrunner map (with altimetry) 
  • Lago Maggiore e Passo Cuvignone (from/to Sesto Calende), openrunner map (with altimetry)  
  • Alpe di Neggia (e Dumenza) (from/to Porto Valtravaglia), openrunner map (with altimetry)  
    (iii) nice climbs in the Alps (French-Italian border) 
  • Col du Granon, from Briancon 
  • Col de l'Izoard, openrunner map (with altimetry), from/to Briancon 
  • Claviere-Sestriere-Claviere, openrunner map (with altimetry) 
  • Ring tour 1: Bardonecchia --> Col de l'Echelle (up, down) -->  Col de Montgenevre (up, down) -->  Bardonecchia (ring map
    (iv) a couple or rides in Turkey (Mugla province) 
  • Turunç (International Academy Marmaris) - Dalaman (airport): openrunner map (with altimetry)  
  • Turunç-Sogut: openrunner map (with altimetry) 
    (v) à Bordeaux et alentours 
  • Bordeaux - Saint Emilion et environs - Libourne: openrunner map  
  • Entre-deux-mers/1 (Bordeaux - Cadillac - St.Macaire - Arbis - Targon - Bordeaux): openrunner map  
  • Entre-deux-mers/2 (Bordeaux - St Caprais-  up and down - Bordeaux): openrunner map  
  • Medoc (Bordeaux - Medoc - Blaye - Bourg - Bordeaux) : openrunner map - NB: check ferry times from Lamarque  
  • Col du Tourmalet et Col d'Aspin (de Bagneres de Bigorre) : openrunner map  (with altimetry) 
    (vi) en Corse 
  • Ile Rousse - Cargese: openrunner map (with altimetry)  
  • Ile Rousse - Bocca di a Battaglia - Ile Rousse: openrunner map (with altimetry) 
  • Col di San Colombano - Tartagine - Lama (da/per Ile Rousse): openrunner map (with altimetry) 
  • Foresta di Bonifato (da/per Ile Rousse): openrunner map (with altimetry) 
  • Ile Rousse-Galeria-Ile Rousse: openrunner map (with altimetry) 
  • Bastia - Ile Rousse (désert des Agriates): openrunner map (with altimetry) 
  • La Balagna: openrunner map (with altimetry)   
    (vii) In&Out Melbourne (VIC, Australia) 
  • Arthur's Creek - Mt Pleasant (from/to Royal Park): openrunner map (with altimetry) 
  • Humevale Road - Kinglake - Yarra Glen (from/to Mernda): openrunner map (with altimetry) 
  • Kinglake Ring (from/to Hurstbridge): openrunner map (with altimetry) 
  • Dandenong Ranges (from/to Boronia): openrunner map (with altimetry) 
  • Beach Road: openrunner map (all flat) 
  • Mt Donna Buang (from Hurstbridge, to Lilydale): openrunner map (with altimetry) 
  • Mt Macedon and Hanging Rock (from/to Sunbury): openrunner map (with altimetry) 
  • Mt Baw Baw (from/to Icy Creek): openrunner map (with altimetry) 
  • Grampians 1 (Mt William): openrunner map (with altimetry) 
  • Grampians 2 (Lookouts and McKenzie falls): openrunner map (with altimetry)